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3 Camera Conference Web Streaming Filming Example

Camera One: Speaker.
Camera Two: Wide Shot / Audience / Chair / Panel
Camera-Recorder Three: Powerpoint Slides

The filming clip above has been encoded and optimised for web viewing and uploaded to our YouTube site as an unlisted file and embedded into this web page.

PRIVACY: This means that the only way to view this clip is by accessing this page, to the rest of the internet and for anyone searching for it, it does not exist. The embedded page can be put onto your website behind a password protected front page if privacy is an issue so that only those you choose to have access can view the material.

SPEED: The advantage of using YouTube as opposed to an internal server is that YouTube is owned by Google. Google servers are the best and most reliable in the world, so there is no issues with bandwidth speed or charges or slow connections delivering the footage.

SERVICE: When a master video is uploaded, YouTube also automatically encodes the master file into different size / quality formats, and when the film is requested on a web page it analises the equipment that the viewer is using in terms of graphics power and available bandwidth and automatically delivers the optimum version for smooth uninterrupted viewing.

COMPATIBILITY: The real advantage is those with good computers and fast internet can view a HD high quality version, while at the other end of the scale someone on a 3G smartphone will also get a smooth viewing experience. Some file formats (flv flash, a common web video format) will not play on iPhones and iPads, but again YouTube autodetects this and plays a version for Apple equipment.

'ALMOST LIVE' WEB STREAMING: Although the material needs to be edited and uploaded, we have different packages and if speed is an issue then we can get the edited material to your IT department for upload within 48 hours. The added advantage is that each speaker / session can be indivially edited for quick access and any material that is deemed unsuitable or confidential on the day of the conference can be edited out before upload.

MULTIPLE USES: Because the material is shot and edited in HD, other versions can be edited for promotional or training purposes at the highest quality for other means of distribution such as DVD, Blu-Ray, intranet, etc.

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