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DVD ADVANTAGES: In a short space of time, DVD has become the preferred method of film & video distribution, overtaking video and even CD Rom. The advantages are obvious * superior picture quality and sound on a compact sized disc * Instant access to material * A fully interactive programme * multiple custom built language & client presentations for wider coverage * material can be linked to the internet and other technologies for even greater integration, are just some of the features. With more computers now coming with DVD drives as standard, and DVD players commonplace in most homes, this is the ideal time to present your material on DVD

DVD OPTIONS: At Action Video Services Ltd we realised the importance of producing your programme to the highest possible quality, and can offer full authoring services to DVD, from one to unlimited copies, with fully functioning interactive menus, either with still or movie backgrounds, multiple soundtracks and subtitles if required. True Anamorphic widescreen is also supported, along with Dolby Digital sound. Our encoders produce some of the best quality images available, maximising the quality advantages of DVD.

A DVD disc is capable of holding up to two hours of broadcast quality video or film, but can hold six hours of material. We are happy to advise our clients the best way to present the material, and cover all aspects of menu, cover and disc design if required.

IDEAL FOR ARCHIVE: All material is digitised into our edit suite, tidied up where necessary (fade in & out, graphics, etc), before being authored to DVD disc. Any video material can be used: DVD is also an ideal archive solution for all older video formats: VHS, 8mm, Hi 8, Betamax, Betacam SP and of course DVC digital tape.

DUPLICATION & DISTRIBUTION: We can also arrange duplication to DVD:R discs (95% compatibility with DVD Rom drives & 85% compatibility with stand alone DVD players) or to pressed DVD Video discs (100% compatibility with all standard DVD Rom drives & stand alone players – minimum order 1000 copies)

Whatever your requirements, we can help. Feel free to contact us for further advice.


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